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Afghanistan legally adopted the official Jalali calendar in [1] but with different month names. Afghanistan uses Arabic names of the zodiacal signs; for example the Saur Revolution took place in the second month of the Solar Hijri calendar Persian Ordibehesht ; Saur is named after Taurus. The Solar Hijri calendar is the official calendar of the government of Afghanistan, and all national holidays and administrative issues are fixed according to the Solar Hijri calendar.

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The Solar Hijri calendar year begins at the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere : on the midnight between the two consecutive solar noons , which include the instant of the March equinox , when the sun enters the Northern Hemisphere. Hence, the first noon is on the last day of one calendar year and the second noon is on the first day Nowruz of the next year. The first day of the calendar year, Nowruz "New Day" , is the greatest festival of the year in Iran, Afghanistan and surrounding regions. The celebration is filled with many festivities and runs a course of 13 days, the last day of which is called siz-dah bedar "13 to outdoor".

The Afghan Persian month names are the signs of Zodiac.

They were used in Iran in early 20th century when the solar calendar was being used. In the Iranian calendar, every week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday. In some Islamic countries, Friday is the weekly holiday. Calculating the day of the week is easy, using an anchor date. One good such date is Sunday, 1 Farvardin , which equals 21 March Assuming the year cycle approximation, move back by one weekday to jump ahead by one year cycle.

Similarly, to jump back by one year cycle, move ahead by one weekday. As in the Gregorian calendar, dates move forward exactly one day of the week with each passing year, except if there is an intervening leap day when they move two days. The anchor date 1 Farvardin is chosen so that its 4th, 8th, The Solar Hijri year begins about 21 March of each Gregorian year and ends about 20 March of the next year.

To convert the Solar Hijri year into the equivalent Gregorian year add or years to the Solar Hijri year depending on whether the Solar Hijri year has or has not begun. The Solar Hijri Persian calendar is one of the oldest calendars in the world, as well as the most accurate solar calendar in use today. Since the calendar uses astronomical calculation for determining the vernal equinox, it has no intrinsic error, but this makes it an observation based calendar. His technique avoids the need to determine the moment of the astronomical equinox, replacing it with a very complex leap year structure.

Years are grouped into cycles which begin with four normal years after which every fourth subsequent year in the cycle is a leap year. Cycles are grouped into grand cycles of either years composed of cycles of 29, 33, 33, and 33 years or years, containing cycles of 29, 33, 33, and 37 years. A great grand cycle is composed of 21 consecutive year grand cycles and a final grand cycle, for a total of years.

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The pattern of normal and leap years which began in will not repeat until the year Each year great grand cycle contains normal years of days and leap years of days, with the average year length over the great grand cycle of This average is just 0. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the lunar Hijri calendar used to date Islamic holidays and events, see Islamic calendar. For the Late Ottoman-era solar Hijri calendar, see Rumi calendar. For a succession of Iranian solar calendars, see Iranian calendars.

Iran portal. Retrieved 11 August Due to weak 5th lord and 5th house there will be delay in progeny. You should get a medical advice on this front to expedite results at the earliest. Also do remedies of Jupiter and Saturn for benefits. My name is amandeep kaur mathauda Dob My husbands name. You are influenced by 6 and number 8. These numbers indicate passion, love , understanding but also it indicates delay and obstacles. One such obstacle is in your children front.

You should seek a medical advise on this front. When will we have a healthy baby. Already had 3 miscarriages. Our wedding date is October 12, Looking at your natal chart we see that Libra sign is in the 5th house and Venus rules the this house of children. Venus is exalted but combust as it is conjoined with Sun. Debilitated Rahu in the 6th house aspects the 5th lord Venus.

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You are presently running the mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of Jupiter. Jupiter in transit will enter Libra on 12th September Thereafter coming 13 months are very strong for conceiving. Hello sir my name is purnima D. Yes the possibility of children are there in your life. Keep fast on Mondays for getting good results.

Hi sir, im Ravi Diwan. I want to know about my didis pregnancy, since she has no child after 8 yrs of marriage.

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    • Lucknow UP. I would be very grateful to you sir. Looking at her natal chart we see that she is born under the sign of Venus. Her 5th house of progeny is ruled by Saturn which is retrograde and placed in the 12th house. Saturn is debilitated in the navamsha chart, which again is not good. Jupiter the karka of progeny is also in the 12th house, Therefore the 5th lord and Karka are both weak for getting the desired results. She should go for medical help on this front.

      Also look at adoption as a possibility. Had twins December 31, Wondering when we will conceive our third child. Thank you in advance! Your husband number is 1 and yours is number 7. The possibility of getting the desired results is in In your chart we see that 5th house of progeny is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is exalted in the 2nd house. You are presently running the mahadasha of Mercury and antardasha of Jupiter.

      As Saturn rules the 5th house, there will be delay in having children. As Rahu aspects the 5th house you may need to have some medical treatment before you get the results. Hello Sir, My date of birth is We see that both of you are ruled by number 2 and the Moon, which will make you highly talented, emotional and kindhearted. The possibility of progeny is strong in You should do the below given remedies to expedite results at the earliest. Hi sir.. Want to know when can I conceive.

      Looking at your chart we see that your lagan is Leo and 5th house is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is posited in the 6th house and debilitated. Also you have Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 5th house. Your horoscope is weak on this front as Rahu in the 9th house aspects the 5th house. The main period of Mercury and Mars is going on. The possibility of conceiving is there, but you need to take some doctors advice before you could see favorable results.

      Keep fast on Thursdays.

      The Astrology Hub Podcast

      Kindly tell me when i will be able to conceive? My doctor is advising me to go for ivf.. Hello Sir, I m Chumki. My DOB is on 11th Feb Night 9. We married on 6th Feb I had 1 miscarriage. Can you Plz tell me when I will conceive or when we will have child. In your horoscope we see that 5th house which is the house of progeny is ruled by Saturn and is in lagan. Sun which is 12th house lord is conjoined with 2nd lord Venus and Ketu which is debilitated in the Navamsha chart.

      It is best that you take an opinion of a doctor in this regard. Doing the remedies of Jupiter and Saturn will certainly be helpful. Hello sir, thanks for reply. I m already in treatment for last 2. Hi sir, Could you let me know when will i conceive, we dont have birth details of my husband so no one is helping me in predicting child birth. Looking at your natal chart we see that Jupiter rules the 5th house of progeny and Rahu in the 9th house aspects the 5th house.

      Yes the horoscope is weak for progeny happiness. There will be delay and obstacles. You should do the remedies given below for getting results.

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      Keep fast on Tuesday. Thank you for the help…as suggested I will keep fasting on Tuesdays…Just want to conform I will be blessed with Baby or not? Looking at your charts we see that horoscopes are weak for progeny. There will be delay. The possibly of progeny are there however it is important that you seek a medical advice.